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"These Are The Breaks" (Red Bulletin)

"Rocky Mountain High" (Red Bulletin)

"Totally Wired" (Red Bulletin)

"Vegas, Baby" (Red Bulletin)

"Through the Drinking Glass" (Red Bulletin)

"Social Hostels" (Red Bulletin)

"8 of the Best Restaurants in New Orleans" (CNN Travel)


"The Best Travel Tech To Build a Virtual Office Everywhere You Go" (GQ)

"The Best Travel Backpacks for Business Trips, Weekend Getaways, and Going Off the Grid" (GQ)

"Packing Hacks: Everything You Need for Smooth, Wrinkle-Free Travel"  (GQ)

"Packing Cubes Are the Travel Must-Have You Didn’t Know You Needed" (GQ)

"These Single Occupancy Pools Are the Ultimate Hotel Luxury" (GQ)

"The TRTL is a Travel Pillow That Doesn't Make You Look Goofy" (GQ)

"America's Best Coffee Bars" (Food & Wine)

Waldorf Astoria Chicago (Fodors Travel)

Chicago Athletic Association (Fodors Travel)


"Family Meal: New York" (CNN Travel)*

"Nina Compton Puts Caribbean Food on the Map" (CNN Travel)

"Emeril Lagasse: The Elvis of TV Chefs" (CNN Travel)

"Leah Chase: The Creole Queen of New Orleans" (CNN Travel)

"Donald Link on Foggy Nights and Boozy Lunches in NOLA" (CNN Travel)

"Sauerkraut is Getting the Love We Always Knew It Deserved" (Bon Appetit)

"Veggie Panna Cotta: So Weird It Works" (Bon Appetit)

"Reviews of New Food: Trader Joe’s Mildly Spiced Vegetable Burritos" (McSweeney's)

"Where to Cheer Women in Wine" (Wine Enthusiast)

"A Woman's Place in Food and Beverage" (Brit + Co.)

"In The Kitchen at Moto" (Saveur)

"Why Are New York Cideries Hot For Pommeau?" (Edible Brooklyn)

"The New Generation of Finger Lakes Winemakers" (Plate)

"The Quietly Brilliant Revolution of Asian-American Dessert Menus" (Plate)

"Mother Sauces Endure in French Cuisine" (Plate)

​"Jews in the Wood" (Time Out)

*Nominated for a 2018 James Beard Foundation Award


The Art of Cooking with Cannabis: CBD and THC-Infused Recipes from Across America by Tracey Medeiros


"Edible Arrangements" (Different Leaf)

"The Best Gift Ideas for All the Weed Lovers in Your Life" (GQ)

"Feminine Pipes So Gorgeous, You’ll Hesitate to Smoke Them" (Leafly)

"Wake ‘n’ Bake Better Edibles With the Bong Appétit Cookbook" (Leafly)

"Salt of the Earth" (Kitchen Toke)

"Acid Test" (Kitchen Toke)

"An Infused Cherry Shrub Fit for the Classiest of Cannaseurs" (Merry Jane)

"Revel in This 420 Version of a Sensual 15th Century Dessert" (Merry Jane)

"High City Guide: Chicago For the Weed Connoisseur" (Miss Grass)


'Breaking Out" (Red Bulletin)

"This Is What Celeb Makeup Artists Use to Clean Their Brushes" (Brit + Co.)

"Superfit Hero Founder Micki Krimmel Just Made It Easier Than Ever to Find Body-Positive Fitness Resources" (Brit+ Co.)

"Reusable Stamping Plates Are the Secret Behind Those Unbelievably Intricate Nail Art Designs" (Brit + Co.)


"The Art of Kitchen Design for Restaurants" (FSR)

"The Hospitality Industry Rethinks the Hotel-Restaurant Model" (FSR)

"How to Move Up In the Restaurant Industry" (FSR)

"Hacking Sustainability is No Sweat" (FSR)

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